One of the services provided by our company is textile decoration of banquet halls. This includes the following: decoration of furniture for a ceremony, drapery of chairs with fabrics, decoration of the wedding background and table with fabrics, decoration of the window zone with curtains in various styles. No matter how beautiful the architecture of a banquet hall is, it is much worse in comparison with another banquet hall, which is fully decorated with textile items inside. (?)The decorations include luxurious curtains on the windows, lacy tablecloths and chair decorations; tables covered with fabric, freestanding on a raised platform, uniquely dressed in decorative tablecloth with bows on the perimeter, in the same colour design. All this, made in the same style, emphasizes the premises interior and creates ceremonial festive atmosphere.

Our company provides a full range of textilex for decoration of the banquet hall or any other premises. The exclusive decoration that our company offers, allows us to create a unique and incomparable atmosphere; it will add personality and charm to the premises interior. We have various designs of the chairs and tables, napkins, window and door zone decoration, production of the chair covers with the elements of decorative finish with bows and trusses, satin ribbons and lacy items with embroidery elements. All the above mentioned allows us to create a truly festive atmosphere.

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