Decor decoration

Birthday is a special holiday. Everybody enjoys it, but at the same time every person takes it differently. Only one fact remains absolutely the same for all birthdays: this holiday is impossible without flowers. Without flowers it becomes an ordinary day that does not bring joy and magic in your life. 

Holidays are perhaps the most memorable days of the year; those can be corporate parties, children’s parties, birth of children, exhibitions, presentations, engagements, etc. Everyone wants to celebrate a holiday among friends, family and colleagues. Decoration of the hall, apartment, restaurant, house, etc. is definitely an integral part of the celebration.

One of the services provided by our company is textile decoration of banquet halls. This includes the following: decoration of furniture for a ceremony, drapery of chairs with fabrics, decoration of the wedding background and table with fabrics, decoration of the window zone with curtains in various styles. 


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